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Replaced treadmill roller and bearings and made videos
2011 Wakely Dam Ultra race report
Polar RS200sd heart rate monitor
Polar RS200sd came!
iPod Shuffle is NOT designed for running!
Sole F85 treadmill first review
Wakely Dam Ultra 2011 race report
2011 Buffalo Marathon race report
Running form video analysis at RUNSMART / Buffalo Rehab Group
2011 Mississauga Half Marathon race report
Newton Hills Treadmill Program
2011 Boston Marathon Race Report
Garmin says marathon course was long?
Safe Sound Personal Speakers-first impression
Sehgahunda Trail Marathon
My first 5k race
2010 Relay For Life
Owners manuals for treadmills & ellipticals
My foot is finally feeling better
Swimming at the community center again
Still running on my sore foot
February 16th tempo run
Need to start my Ironman training!
Fun with intervals
2009 Steamtown Marathon race report
Louisville Ironman 2009-part 9
Louisville Ironman 2009-part 10
2009 Wakely Dam Race Report
Louisville Ironman 2009-Part 8
Louisville Ironman 2009-Part 7
Louisville Ironman 2009-Part 6
Louisville Ironman 2009-Part 5
Louisville Ironman 2009-Part 4
Louisville Ironman 2009-Part 3
Louisville Ironman 2009-Part 2
Louisville Ironman 2009-part 1
My Boston Marathon experience
Tupper Lake Tinman 2009 – The Run/Post Race
Tupper Lake Tinman 2009 race report
Tupper Lake Tinman 2009 – The Bike
Tupper Lake Tinman 2009 – The Swim
Walking Pneumonia
Chase Corporate Challenge Rochester 2009
6 mile run, 40 mile ride, no karate
Relay For Life – My 45 mile ultramarathon
Trail running gaiters
Boston Marathon jacket
I won! 3 mile Webster Run/Walk event
16 weeks to Louisville Ironman!
Signed up for Steamtown Marathon, Scranton, PA
Extended treadmill warranty
Nike Silicone Ear Plugs vs. Mack’s Pillow Soft Original Silicone Putty Earplugs
Registered for Las Vegas Half Marathon
Training with a cold
Training long 12/21-12/27
Training log 12/14-12/20
YMCA Indoor Triathlon results
Training log 12/7-12/13
Counting swim strokes
Swam 1 mile freestyle
Swimming 2.4 miles (Ironman distance)
Training log 11/23 – 11/29
Training log 11/16 – 11/22
Tupper Lake Tinman
Indoor triathlon
Cancelled New York City Marathon entry
Training log 10/26 – 11/1
Need to find swimming schedule
Training log 10/19 to 10/25
Buying a wetsuit
Rochester Marathon 2008
Swam 1000 yards in 33:27
I swam about half a mile!!!
Registered for the Boston Marathon
Lake Placid Ironman-not for me…
2008 Damn Wakely Dam Ultra
My swimming is improving
Timex Ironman triathlon watches
Horizon treadmill engineering mode
Bought swimwear and goggles
Gonna try to register for Lake Placid Ironman
Ironman goal!
Signed up for adult swimming lessons
Adidas Adizero running shoes
How I qualified for the Boston Marathon by cheating!
Sweat rash/heat rash on forehead from running
Considering GBTC Half Marathon (Grand Island, NY) as training run
20 mile training run…outside!!
Shoulder injury
2008 Rochester CF Stairclimb results
Shamrock Marathon 2008-I qualified for the Boston Marathon!
Leg feeling better!
Sore hamstring
Chase Corporate Challenge-signed up!
Leg feeling good, so I ran!
Running and high blood pressure
Gels-taste test
Shamrock Marathon-less than 2 weeks!
Wii for exercise
Hey, I beat Don Kardong in a marathon!
Selling my old Proform J6si treadmill
Sore leg feeling better
Ordered Oregon Scientific PE826 pedometer with pulse meter!
Inner thigh pain
800m intervals
My picture in Running Times and Runner’s World!
Walks breaks during race
New Years Day Freezeroo Race 2008
When you really don’t want to run!
Alternative for marathon headphones ban
Bought long sleeve tuxedo jersey
My next race: The Shamrock Marathon
I’m going to be a pace bunny!
My new fastest mile: 6 minutes 12 seconds
Horizon treadmill versus Proform treadmill
Faster intervals!
Las Vegas Marathon 2007
Getting faster!
I bought a Horizon T900 treadmill!
I have a cold!
Marathon taper!
Treadmill belt getting trashed
Quarter mile intervals
Fila Volante shoes
2007 Niagara Falls Half Marathon
Black Diamond Duathlon 2007 results
I’m awake! Race in 3 hours…
“Feel The Beat” Pulsating Metronome Watch
Long tempo run at marathon pace
Marathon pace test
Metronome watch
Running with a metronome
Spinning and running dvd
Tempo run
Evolution Running
My fastest mile (so far)
Niagara Falls Marathon
Rochester Marathon 2007 results
Rochester Marathon packet pickup
Knee cap pain
Oak Tree Half Marathon
Running shoes-weight
Proform 545e Elliptical
Whiffle ball
New Balance 429 or Nike Air N’Sight II?
Oak Tree Half Marathon, Geneseo, NY
Leisure suit jersey
Loneliness Of The Long Distance Treadmill Runner
Marathons & Headphones
Polar Footpod vs Garmin Forerunner
Furman FIRST training schedule?
Black toenail
Nike Air Pegasus
My fastest run yet!
Knee popping
Knee pop
Polar Fitness Test
Ultramarathon time prediction
Water bottle fanny pack
Precor C956 Treadmill
Training on vacation
Sport beans
Boston Marathon 3:30 training schedule
Boston Marathon qualifying times
Chase Corporate Challenge-Rochester
4 months to a 4 hour marathon
Last pace run before marathon
Buffalo Marathon
Nike Air Max Conceal
Tuxedo running shirt
Once A Runner-John L. Parker, Jr.
Need new running shoes!
Last long run before taper mode
26.2 sticker
Ankle pain
Changing marathon training schedules
Athletes foot
Personalized marathon DVD from
Swimming lessons
Life Fitness 95te
Early morning workout
Learning to swim
Training during travel
Headphones banned from running events
Running 20 miles
Free pedometer
Treadmill grade
Camelbak Mule
Stair climb tonight
Tapering for stair climb
Weekend runs
Chase Corporate Challenge
Shopping for Camelbak Mule 2007
Ultramarathon registration accepted!
High blood pressure and exercise
Damn Wakely Dam Ultra registration
Aerobic speed improving
Popping the blister on my toe
Polar chest strap problems
Target heart rate
Registered for Stair Climb Challenge
Buy a new used treadmill?
Low blood sugar level during exercise
Home gym
Running with a cold?
How to gain muscle and burn fat
Elliptical machine
Losing weight
Used treadmills
Aerobic fitness shot?
My first ultramarathon attempt…dnf
Hard staying in the aerobic zone
Fat ass 50k
Hill training
Jeff Galloway 4 hour marathon schedule
Broken treadmill fixed!
Shell pants and shell jacket-great deal!
Treadmill frame broke
Las Vegas Marathon 2006
Running headlamp
Tapering for marathon
Running Elvis
Last long run before tapering for marathon
Ordered Total Immersion swimming dvd and book
Calf muscle pain
Mouth guard for braces
Becoming An Ironman (Ironman Triathlon stories)
Iliotibial band syndrome
Knee pain
Running knee pain
John L. Parker Jr. – And Then The Vulture Eats You (ultramarathon stories)
Breaking Through the Wall: A Marathoner’s Story-Dolores E. Cross
Aikido, running and cycling
Under Armor Cold Gear
Running Books
The "Any Old Tom, Rick and Barry Can Do It" Fat Ass 50K
Shoulder pain
Paul Reese-10 Million Steps (running across America)
Running with Hal Higdon, Jeff Galloway, John L Parker Jr, and Phil Maffetone
My first duathlon
Today’s long marathon training run
Dean Karnazes Endurance 50 run times
Nike Air Max Assail running shoes
First Marathons
Tonight’s tempo run
Cystic Fibrosis Stair Climb Challenge
Ordered Jeff Galloway marathon training software
Registered for Las Vegas Marathon!
Cold weather running gear for winter
Without Limits (Steve Prefontaine movie)
Pamela Hansen-Running With Angels: The Inspiring Journey of a Woman Who Turned Personal Tragedy into Triumph Over Obesity
Small digital camera for marathon race
Tanita 6102 cardio heart rate monitor
Resting heart rate getting lower
Surviving The Toughest Race On Earth
Learn to swim for triathlon?
Black Diamond Duathlon
Trail running shoes
Marathon – Richard Harteis
Bought Reebok Premier Ultra III running shoes
Long hard boring run!
Tough workout today
Kirk Johnson-To The Edge (Badwater Ultramarathon)
Considering new running shoes
Pam Reed-The Extra Mile (ultramarathon)
Snickers Marathon Energy Bar
Shopping for a bike
The Looniness Of The Long Distance Runner
Heart rate monitor focus group
My problem with Phil Maffetone’s method
I want to run with Dean Karnazes!
Pacing for half marathon
First half marathon
Picked up runner’s packet and goody bag
Dean Karnazes-Ultramarathon Man
Tapering for half marathon
Bought another Nike Pro running shirt, XL!
Sore nipples after running
Nike Pro running shirt
Double red blood donation and half marathon
My muscles are sore!
Ordered a Camelbak Flashflo hydration system
First road run
Rochester Half Marathon
Las Vegas Marathon
Bought some Nike running shirts
Training to climb Mt Rainier
Walk vs Jog to stay below recovery ceiling
Oregon Scientific HR102 Heart Rate Monitor
Endurance 50 – Cleveland Marathon Course
Heart Monitor Training For The Compleat Idiot
Training schedule
Phil Maffetone vs. John L. Parker Jr.
PC Coach software for marathon training?
Marathon training schedule
Losing some leg flexibility
What to wear for cool weather running
Shin pain at beginning of run
Taking a rest day
Morning resting heart rate
Rest day I think…
Max heart rate test
Fitness For Sports website
Bought a ProForm J6si treadmill on eBay

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